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There are thousands of others. Religions by the dozen.

And NO they don't teach the same things.

In fact they are fighting (very politely) with each other all the time.

Half the reason there are so many is because they can't agree.

They can't all be right.

And you thought picking the winner in a horse race was difficultEmotion: big smile

Imagine a horse race with 4300 runnersEmotion: surprise

Pray you've made the right choice.

I really praise you for researching on the different names of these religions.WOW! I never thought that there are so many of them. There maybe more if YOU can start one. But WHY IS IT YOU REALLY HATE RELIGION? Because they fight? Let them fight. Why not? One fights for what he believes, is it not? Whether it is RIGHT or WRONG. This has happened through the ages. As long as MAN CANNOT FIND THE TRUTH, THESE THINGS WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN. The many religions were created because man created these. They were created to suit his needs. I want a religion to be like this or like that, that's why, there are so many of them now. But why bother. These religions has helped millions of people to live good lives, only a few were astray, who interpreted their beliefs differently,that's why they fight and create wars. Religion was conceived to find the truth. Although to some they can do away with religion. How can one find the truth without religion? Can he not find the GOOD in the religion and not the BAD? Can he look past the mistakes of man and find the REAL TRUTH? RELIGION WAS CREATED BY MAN THAT IS WHY IT IS BOUND FOR MISTAKES, bound for misinterpretation by those who follow it. Do not be misled.

How do you find the truth? It is inherent in every human being to find the one true thing. Maybe because we were born naked. That's why. Why do we wear clothes after we were born? Maybe because we can't bear to be seen naked. Each one's destiny is never revealed plainly, where is the thrill in it? Like when you receive a gift, you excitedly open a wrapped gift unlike if it is unwrapped. Like when you eat fresh fruits, you don't want it masticated before you put it in your mouth because you want to savor its goodness. THE TRUTH IS NEVER REVEALED PLAINLY, you do not use ONLY your mind's prowess to find it but you have to use your heart also. Have you ever been in love? The surge of emotions makes one blind to the mistakes of the other and you only see the goodness of the other. But when emotion is low, one begins to notice the many inadequacies of the lover. But then, love remains and one tries to understand the lover because he himself is imperfect. That is true with religion, if one learns to love his religion, he will learn to understand its mistakes either past or present. Learn to soar high like the eagles, who see everything from a distance and find it in your heart to FINALLY LEARN THE TRUTH.
One more thing, you said you are a believer, what is it that you believe in?

If you will erase all the existing religions of the world? How will you start in proving that you believe in someone Supreme, assuming that you believe in It? Can you ensure that it is perfect every way? Can you ensure that no one will abuse it? In the end it will have a name for identity, say for example "The Church for the Seekers of Truth" and then it is now a religion. Because to be a follower there will be rules and breaking them would mean rejection in the faith. And to continue its survival is to hand it down to the next generation and so on. Wouldn't you agree that this was how every known religion began? For example the Christians, they came after Christ died which is obvious.But many people believed in a God before he came which can be read in the Old Testament. They were seeking the truth, they were seeking God and they want to see them face to face and maybe that's how the story of the Tower of Babel came to be. But God was not in the skies alone, he was also in the mountains, that's why Moses would climb a mountain to hear God's command and in the New Testament, Jesus said God is among you. So one will not anymore climb a mountain or reach for the skies because in fact He is among you and me. You only have to open your heart to realize this. The Catholic Church claims it is founded in Christ, however, another religion was created which is Protestantism because one monk protested in the bad things that the Church in the Name of God was doing. The leaders of the church thought they were doing right but they were wrong. They thought killing and conquering Muslim people and other faiths was right but eventually thru time they realized their wrongdoing, But it took them ages to realize this. Good for us today we don't want to conquer other people so we feel our religion is the one true religion or others who think otherwise? Other religions like Buddhism and the like have also other sub-religions because some members thought the original one was not good. That is why there is a long list of relilgions as you have researched.

Each different religion does not teach you as you said the SAME THINGS but they teach GOOD THINGS if you remove all the sacrifices and methods of worship.You must find the real core of the belief and you will see that believing in One Supreme Being can make a person good. But using the name of religion to arrive at selfish ends make the religion bad. That is why you want to erase the religions of the world because of its bad things but how about the GOOD, these religions bring to each individual. That is why many believe in Christ because He taught how to give up one's life for others, Buddha taught people to look into one's self in order to find the goodness of life and countless others who did good things to show others what is good and what is right. What if Christ really was human because he had a wife and daughter thru Mary Magdalene, would your faith be lessened? Of course not, because we have accepted him to be human. What we believe is his teaching and that was good. The Bible may not at all be true, would you believe? Because there were other people who wrote during those times for which the Church have burned all others. But it is a good book because it reveals the good teachings of a good man. But faith does not only contain in a book, you experience the Supreme in your own way. Learn to look with an eye for the Good and somewhere there you will find him. You can start understanding your own religion, as I did when I wanted to find another religion to suit me. And then I learned how to love my religion and my faith, and then finally I found my God. And then I AM FINALLY AT PEACE. Hope you find your peace too.
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Religions are a drug created by man in order to control other men. They do not seach for truth, ask any religious he already knows the truth, his truth. He'll do anything to convince you he's right, sweet talk and persuasion; promises of rewards to come; threats of hell and brimstone if you do not obey. And No I do not hate religion, I question it. Besides life is far to short to hate anything.

Religions complicate simple things, adding rules, inventing systems, creating gods and devine rights that we are not allowed to question.

Look behind the frills and fairy you really need all this to tell right from wrong, good from bad?.

Hello again. Maybe this is my last opinion on the topic.Because I have said almost everything that I know. If you refuse to understand, well I'm sorry for you my friend, you will continue to be lost--in the crossroads or in the desert. Well, maybe you are not yet prepared and you still close your heart to the truth which is right in front of you. How do you think you can resolve this? Maybe in time you will, say 20 or 30 years or maybe a lifetime. That's too long. I advise you to have a change of mind. Me? I read the Bible, I read about the teachings of the Kohran, I read about Buddhism but I do not become a member of their faith, I remain faithful to one and I try hard to find the GOOD in them, because if I find the bad things which I surely find, my mind becomes chaotic. I just let these things pass by me. In my younger days how I wished I can change the world, a better world but I stopped dreaming and starting accepting the good and the bad, in myself, my family, my community and this world.

What is it that you want to do? You want to bring back time to find out the TRUTH? The existence of Adam and Eve and all those people in the Bible. But we do not have the power yet to travel thru time. What we have is a history of the past which we cannot undo. As I have said maybe everything in the Bible are stories but they teach us good things, how to live a good life in this earth. And they are worth pondering and worth emulating. Wouldn't you agree? To borrow the words of Jesus: He said "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE." May God bless you on your way in finding the truth.
Dear Sheilav,

Thankyou for your blessing, I do so hope I have not offended you, I am blighted with a direct turn of phrase. I have also read the same works and like you I find a great deal of good in them. Their styles are different; "Thou shalt not steal" ,Bible and "Take not that which is not freely given", Buddhist. They essentially say the same good things. But do we need religion to be a good person?.

I believe there is a natural goodness in us all, one does not have to' find' a natural truth, it is an instinct born in us all. An example....................

Racism is wrong because it is unnatural...............How do I know this? because I can see it every day. So can you, go to any mixed nursery school for 2 and 3 year olds. These children are nature itself, they have not been corrupted by whatever system. They will play with each other without seeing the colour or origin of their playmate. Therfore I contend that racism is unnatural, a basic truth that all can see.

Religions are not bad but they are unnecessary to a large extent, all you need to do is to follow your instincts. I like to think that deep down everyone knows what is good and what is bad.

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Dear Lionel,

If for you, I sounded so religious, I am not. It is my first time to put into writing my personal religious struggle. I was in a similar situation some 20 years ago, that is why I tried to reason to you how I reasoned to myself during those times.I meant to be of help but if all I said made you sank deeper in your hole of 'questioning the faith' well I'm sorry.

We are entitled to our own opinions. Maybe we are not aware that it is through religion that we learn the good and the bad. I now have children and I teach them what is good and what is bad,especially if there is a direct harm to their own person. But where did I found this knowledge? I probably knew it because my parents taught me and maybe it is thru their faith that they knew that doing this thing is good or bad. For me we need religion because it is thru the mistakes of their followers that we learn, we may not follow all rules strictly as long as we find the meaning of these methods of worship and find our God in them, we become more spiritual and encounter for the first time the connection with the Supreme, unadulterated.

I live in the Philippines (I hope you know where it is) and I have not experienced personally racism. But I heard stories regarding about it when my fellow countrymen work in foreign shores. We belong to the Brown Race so there is discrimination. Maybe a racist only sees thru the skin either black or white but actually deep within we do not have a color, we do commit mistakes, we can do good if we want to and we can assimilate and contemplate deeper on the meaning of things if we want to. So I hope more people will think like you do and this world can be a better place.

Good day!
What’s in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.

The problems start when men get in there and tamper with the rose, and then try to pass it off as being genuine - when their tamperings mean that the 'rose' often no longer bears any resemblence to a rose at all.

Most of us have an inate ability to distinguish the truth from deception. Unfortunately, most of us rarely use this abilty, because it is often easier just to follow the herd. All too often we let others do our thinking for us, define good and bad for us, educate our children for us, and decide which cliff we should leap from, for us.

Some of the institutions (note I don't call them religions) mentioned above bear a lot of truth, some bear very little, some bear none. Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is to gather truth wherever we find it, and to reject deception.

In short we have to make more of an effort to think for ourselves, for if we don't, the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' will surely lead us astray.

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Well said Mr./Ms Anonymous. In most points, I agree with you.

However, I have to make a clear point in how we attain our knowledge of good and bad. I am simple person with a simple living in this third world country with all the crisis from financial, political and even religious nature. I would like to illustrate my point in how my children know between right and wrong. When my children were still infants and now toddlers, they didn't know what is bad or good. They learned these when we adults tell them or they find out by themselves. For example, at one time when my son was barely 2 years old he played with an electric outlet for which he was momentarily electrocuted, so he learned not to play with such things. As parents we always warn children that they may fall when playing on the edge of chairs or tables so they won't get hurt. Another supporting point is that when Adam and Eve came to live in the Gardern of Eden, it was God who told them that they should not eat of the two trees in the center of the Garden, for which they were tempted to disobey and finally ate the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil. How do you interpret this story? So I conclude that knowledge of good and bad is taught by experience or someone else. This someone else may come in the form of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad. Their teachings were recorded for they reflect the good in man or the good he can achieve in this lifetime. So we need religion to reflect on our everyday lives and be good and fruitful citizens of this earth.
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