I have read an old grammar book, the title is "24 verb patterns". Now I cannot find the book in the book stores, maybe they don't publish that book any more. Do you know the similar book.
I'd certainly be interested to know what the 24 patterns are. I've been working on this.

It's difficuct to define some patterns and I have found a Venn diagram a good way to categorise them. I can only count 17 basic patterns.

You can see this on my website:

Sorry, the website should read:
I appear to have put a comma after "www".
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I believe the 24 verb patterns being referred to are:

present (see); present perfect (has seen); present progressive (is seeing);
present perfect progressive (has been seeing);

past (saw); past perfect (had seen); past progressive (was seeing);
past perfect progressive (had been seeing);

future (will see); future perfect (will have seen); future progressive (will be seeing);
future perfect progressive (will have been seeing);
and then a passive version of each one of those

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