hi everybody

I wann ask you one question I hope someone will answer me.

are we actors in this life?????

in my own perspective our life is like a movie or long book with bad or good history no one knows.
what do you think are you actor?Emotion: rolleyes
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No I`m not an actor. An actor is a person who pretends to be. I don`t pretend to be. I AM. Emotion: stick out tongue
hi chaoss

Are sure about it ???!!!!

Sometimes we pretended to be brave specially front of female.


Most people in this world pretended that they can see war and they can see poor people who they are suffering.

Some people pretended that they are not care about you or about anyone, but inside them they care really they do.

Some people pretend that they can see that persona, who they don’t love, but he is front of them but they are good actor. Is that right.

We just precede our life and we pretended that everything will be fine even we know that it is impossible.


what do you think chaoss you are not actor really
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I am a human-beeing. It`s wider concept than that of an actor. So I could be an actor or someone else if I would like to. I am more than actor, so calling me an actor would be a mistake.
hi Chaoss

What I have to call you?

what I have to call people who are doing that?

bad people, I don't think so

actor is good word for them, becasue they are changeing. sometimes good sometimes bad, sometimes nothing.
I think you have too narrow sight. Try to widen it. People are not only actors in life. They are human beeings - and that`s all. Maybe you are actor youself so that you want others to tell you that you are not alone. Nonetheless you have the right to have your personal opinion.I have mine.


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first I don't a narrow sight. You don't know me how you judge in me ,that I don't have wide sight.

you are bad judge

I didn't say that all of us actors. I said most people.

In addition my question was.
Are we actor?
by the way some countries doesn't know that we are human beings.
That's great, I think you have to tell them.
I hope you can say that to the WB of america.

By the way , you have right to tell me your opinion I didn't say anything about your opinion.

you have free to express about your feeling and you opinion.
If we are all 'actors', all the time, there is nothing with which to contrast 'acting'. In other words, 'non-acting' does not exist.

If 'non-acting' does not exist, the metaphor implicit in the statement 'we are all actors' becomes tautologous: it means in effect 'X is like X'.

Good question.

First, I think only human beings can be actors, that is play a part in something.

Then if one thinks we are all driven by outside powers - predestined or something...- then we are all actors, that is we act out the lines that have been written for us.

On the other hand, without any external guidance, we may all be actors at some points in our lives, without any hint at cheating. if you're at some very formal dinner, you may well have to play the part of, say the serious business-woman.
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