Hi! friends........what are the different among us?

althoung we are from a different country, different religion, different culture, different colour of skin, different language and different in many aspects, we are all human being....

every single of human being has brain, heart, feeling, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 ears, 2 hands, 2 legs, 1 body and all the physical aspects are the same (only for the special one).......

for me we are all the same........no need for us to fight with each other. God created this wonderful earth for us to live together in harmony...........

Think about it...my friends

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ek-one i agree with u we are all human beings... we are all created from one god and we should live in harmony and thank god for what we have!!
lol you forgot the disabled people , just kidding,
i agree with you,
shakes hand, Emily
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completely true... but it's also just human nature to disagree, and then to stand for what you think... so in theory, this ideal, "John Lennon-type" world, so to speak, is impossible...

Don't mean to be a pessimist, perhaps I'm just too logical.
Emotion: smileyeah i agree with u!
That's right! More people should read this... Emotion: smile

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let's forward to everyone:P
we all human being .. created same .... but The god created us and sent us different places and the population grew up ... it made nations... every nations had their own language and life sytle which we call culture ... After all happened population increased and increased and nations started to fight and bla bla....

we came to today's world ... its never changed and i don't think is gonna change human being like to fight Emotion: sad(

i hate to war why day still killing eachother , they spendin all the money for fucking bomb things ....

WE should know all those blessings , one day God will ask us !? What did you do for me???

i gave you eyes for see view

i gave you ears for hear the sounds

i gave you noise for smell the things

i gave you arm for hold the things

i gave you feet for walk or stand on the ground

i gave you teeth for chewing the food etc.....

And The God will ask to us . What did you do for me? Did you pray for yourself? did you help to poor people ?

just think about it ... we all human and God will ask to us all the things what we did or will do in this world ...

warm regards,

Nice talk indeed... But I'm afraid you're mistaken... There's no God...
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