Hi. I recently got back one of my essays and my teacher rectified a few sentences. I don't understand why she changed this sentence:

Sentence: Similar to the trust activity, no materials were needed.

Amended sentence: Similar to the trust activity,no materials are needed.

Can someone please explain to me why she changed it from past tense to present tense? I was talking about an event that happened in the past.
Teachers make mistakes too. Despite the rumours, they are only human. Emotion: wink

Seriously though, I suggest you go and ask the teacher (if it is appropriate to do so). There may be a specific reason, or the teacher simply made a mistake. If you can't ask the teacher (for whatever reason), you may just have to accept this (unfortunate) 'correction'.
No sorry I can't. As see it you are both right the only thing is if the assignment was about things that you have done, then the teavher may decide then the past tense should have been used. Send use more and we might be able to judge.
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The thing is, my entire essay is in past tense. I don't understand why there is an exception to this.
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Yes, perhaps you are right Emotion: smile
Were is the pastence of are.