The topic I want to discuss is whether or not women tend to be manipulative, or at least more manipulative than men.

I'm just asking you about your personal experience. And girls: don't be angry at me, since I'm just asking a question.


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why to be puzzled by such an issue..manipulative or not, there's nothing about sex inhere, men can be as well, you 're asking bout personal experience, well, let us be honest, how often it happens to each of us to cheat or abuse others- male or female, that does not make any difference, that's so common, that's how it works, and straight after that comes the feeling that there's someone trying to do exactly the same, but, this time, on our own ass, that's the truth about it, boomerang effect , kinda, you may see it everyday in your life ok that's it, nothing to drop tears over
I kind of admire your cynism.

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Well, I too agree with Anonymous a bit.

Anyone can be manipulative !!! But mostly, the MALE, because they have the greater EGO in them.

So, have you never seen a woman crying not because she's suffering but because she wants to get something from you?

Oh sure, I'll get hung for saying this, but we've all done that at some point!

On the other hand, men have their own ways of manipulating as well.
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Such as...
What do you mean, 'such as'? Such as buying drinks for women! Such as taking women out to dinner! Such as buying women gifts for no reason. These are all attempts at manipulation. Men and women BOTH manipulate each other, but it's only 'manipulative' when women do it. By this, I mean that it's more 'traditional' for guys to 'court' women by taking her out to dinner, etc, and because this is more 'traditional', it's viewed more as 'courting' rather than 'manipulating', even though guys are ultimately doing all of these things in order to have sex - and therefore, it's manipulation. But to reiterate my point, both genders do it, and I think you'd have to do a widespread study/survey to find out which gender actually does it MORE, and you'd also have to provide a clear definition of the word, 'manipulate'.
Men, undoubtedly.[A]
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