Hi There Guys, I've been studying english since I was 13 and It is really good language, Now I am 16 and I'll spend from now to 3 years in front to learn english deeply from Grammar to Vocabulary to Slang to American accent to pronunciation and I'll take CPE(( Certificate of proficiency in English from the British council)) My level right now is 4.1 Which is intermediate.. I just to want to know if 3 years will be enough?? Can you guys who have learnt english deeply or you native speakers gimme some worthy advices?

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Hi Mr. Turbo,

If you are really smart and work really hard, you can be very good in three years.

That said, to me learning English is a lifelong process...

Keep up the hard work and good luck. Emotion: smile
of course I'll work very hard , I got now some books and I also will read the books on the British council here in Bahrain..

I think english language is endless, Knowledge is endless in every side of anything..
My aim is to understand English as my second native language..

I'll do the best I can to have good scores and Maybe I go into scholarship to U.S.A. If I acheived this goal, I'll be the Happiest person..
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So far, I have not found 50 years and 11 months to be sufficient.
I agree and think that education shoud never end in our life. Although, I think you did pretty well getting 4.1 since you have been learing English for only three years. Learing a new lanuage in my opinion is a constant education. Yuo need to keep up your hard work and just have fun with learning. I wish you good luck. The scholarship idea I think is great!
If you can go to the States, I think it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to hear natives all the time (of course you'll develop an Am accent! but that's cool, man Emotion: smile ), and also to learn to THINK in English. You must have learned a lot of rules so far, and there you'll be able to use them.
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I can't agree more...I have learnt more things in 9 months in the US than in 7 years on the benches of school in my country!!
The teaching on governmental School is so suck, I've reached 4.1 Level by self tutoring because I was all the time talking to english people in the paltalk and spent all of my time on learning except this year, So i think i had learnt english for one year and 1 year learning Psychology.. I think I can learn the whole language before I graduate because I am studying now at British council which there are a lot of native speakers and the teachers are british teachers plus I am still reading and learning a lot of things from the internet, Plus I have about 3 years to graduate, The Last week I was 15, there is nothing impossible in the life.. I think I'll learn whole language while I'm in Bahrain and if I achieved my goal of high marks, I'll use my english for 5 years or 4 years all the time in USA ..Emotion: wink
The teaching on governmental School is so suck

Would you mind rephrasing that?

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