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Talking in front of the mirror is not so strange. One of my teachers had to do that when she was preparing her access to EOI to become a teacher, I took that as a part of the study.
How is the preparation of your interview going?
Some of the incredible situations experimented by Don Quijote, yes, it will be worthy reading, when will it be continued?
Practising your speech in front of the mirror is actually a very good way to go about it. Haven't you ever played the sims before? That's how they practice their speech! So it can't be so weird after all. Keep it up Toni, your English is already very good, I'm sure you'll get where you want to go, especially once you're so keen!
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hey toni ..
i took an IELTS exam last summer my self ..
i got 6.5 though ..

all what u need for the test is to practise doing old versions of it ..
i went to the british council where i took a course and i was trained for the test ..

dunno if u have institutes where u can train for the exam where u are, but u can check .. i found it useful..

all the best ..