hi everybody!
this is Toni from Spain. Language requirements (minimum of 7.0 in IELTS) in many universities in UK and also rest of Europe to admit an application for study a Master. I could receive a grant if the application for this Master is accepted, but first I need 7.0 in IELTS. Have you pass this exam with more than 7.0? What kind of supporting material (books, cassettes, etc) did you use to it?
Also, independently from all this, I want to improve my command of English. I think one good way would be participating in this webpage. Besides, if you want to improve your command of Spanish, I'm your man. I could teach you in the language of Cervantes and Don Quijote de la Mancha...
embraces for all of you
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Welcome Toni.
It seems to me that your command of English is already important, and yes, sure all of us will improve by participating in the site. Enjoy the stay.
dear Elena,
thank you for your kind comments. I can see that you are an expert participant in this web site. so, may I ask you about your progresses since you entered here? how do you know your english command has improved?
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Toni it should read: How do you know your English has improved?How do you know your command of the English language has improved? Hope you don't mind the corrections.
dear david:
thank you for your comment. all comments will be appreciatted, like Elena always said.
Hi Toni,
"may I ask you about your progresses since you entered here?"

It would be interesting to know that.
Yes, I'll suggest Hitchhiker a special test for members, and if they have not improved after , let's see...after 500 posts, a painful punishment will be imposed Emotion: tongue tied
I don't know Toni, I believe the practice o the language sooner or later pays off, being that practice an academic course, reading, listening to BBC, travelling to an English speaking country or participating in this forum. All helps.

Your way is very good, asking global questions.

Now it is your turn, send us a summary of Cervantes, Don Quijote de la Mancha and European Union Studies Emotion: big smile Please!
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Hi Elena and everybody,

thank you for your numerous comments and advices. Yes! you're right. the most you practise, the best you "think english". Explain myself? An english teacher always said to his students: hey! if you want to talk english, don't think spanish before that! forget the spanish! imagine like you're a 1 or 2 years baby... how do babies begin to talk? that's the point! eureka! but for me, a 27 years baby, that's a little more complicated, isn't it? I will have an important interview at the end of January. The result of that interview will determine if I can receive a grant to study abroad... Improving my oral command in english is basic! I'm proving talking myself in front of the mirror! It sounds strange, isn't it? any suggestion?

let me see. as you probably know, Don Quijote de la Mancha, the best of Cervantes' histories, narrates the adventures and misfortunes of a old knight that turn crazy within the research of his adored Dulcinea, as he thought, the most beautiful lady in the world. Sancho, his faithful mate, accompanies Don Quijote all over the adventure.
Before leaving, Don Quijote was reading a lot of knights books. He believed everything the books narrated and, because of that, they turn crazy. They had different and incredible situations, but I'll write about them another day...to be continued...

kind regards for all of you
all corrections appreciatted (Elena's sentence)
Toni, from sunny Spain
Where are you from Toni? I have six students from Santiago and four from Portugal at the moment. Enjoy using the forum.
hi david,
thank you for your comments. I'm from Mallorca, but I'm living in Girona, studying labour sciencies.
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