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welcome Jackson..
about the link you gave me.. its a screen shot of an application called "Mozilla Thunderbird" -its an email client with a built-in RSS reader-. On the left, under the RSS category, a list of sites the user added to get their updates.. so when he clicked on "wikipedia new pages [en]", a list of newly updated articles appeared on the right hand side.. so the 'KLAX', 'BKKK' and 'U.S. Congressional Delegation from Wyoming' are just titles for those newly modified articles..
hope its clear now, if not feel free to ask..
bye Emotion: smile
Hi Ba3kawy,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I understand it now. I see, I am going to learn a lot from you.Emotion: smile Have a nice day, Sir.Emotion: wink

Kind Regards, Jackson
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You are welcome.