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I not have asterix her, MyPD, i not know... What is it a washbasin? Is it like a voisin?

The people they have sayed that there was an other way? or perhaps i ask the cute people at my job?
I'm afraid I don't know any other way. It's always worked for me. I don't see why it shouldn't work for you too.

Maybe you should look in your English Forums profile. That will tell you whether you're male or female.

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Aah, yes, MyPd, it is a good counsel!!!

Emotion: sad but i am go see there, and i have not writed it...
ThreepodEmotion: sad but i am go see there, and i have not writed it...

Well, you have only yourself to blame, 2/6.

If you'd only taken a little more trouble when you were registering...After all, it's a simple enough question. "Earring or little pointy thing?" What could be simpler?


Look at the number on the sole of your shoe. It should be on the floor-side. (NB It's probably best to take your shoe off first.)

Now. Is it a men's size or a women's size?

Ooh, MyPD...

I have the two... the little pointy thing and the rings in the ear...

And here in magad scar i have not shoes. But you have reason, i take them off before.
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Well, I suppose it's better to have both than neither. But it doesn't solve your problem. In fact, I'd say it complicated matters.

I tell you what, 7d. We'll do a little word association test. Write down the first word that comes into your head, when you read each of the words on the list below. Avoid expletives wherever possible. Be frank and forthright. Then, tomorrow, I'll take a look at your answers, and let you know your shoe size. Agreed? Good. Now, don't forget. The first word that comes into your head.

(NB Write on one side of the thread only.)



1. Fuzzy.

2. Cricket.

3. Moist.

4. A cold, beaded, foaming bottle of beer.

5. Chocolate.

6. Locker door, inside thereof.

7. Pink fluffy slippers.

8. Dido, Norah Jones, Katie Melua. (Delete as applicable.)

9. Cricket.

10. Breaking wind and guffawing while other diners stare disapprovingly.

11. Rum.

12. Showing another girl how far up your legs your tan goes.

13. A novel with very curly writing on the front cover, written by someone seemingly named after a country.

14. A novel with one very well-thumbed section.

15. Mixed conditional.

16. New Guinea.

17. Cricket.

18. A detailed explanation of the workings of a steam locomotive.

19. Marshmallow, on top of milky coffee.

20. A lusty lithe young rodent.

21. A cold, beaded, foaming bottle of beer.

22. Tiresome gender stereotyping.

Okay, 3P, time's up! Please stop writing now and hand in your paper.


That's a question I've asked myself a million of times, and I think there are no proper ways of coming up with a good guess, only from the content of someone's post. I agree with the fact that, some general behaviors, pertaining to either gender are there. As an example, Savvyz said, usually girl tend to use emoticons way too much, but she doesn't, though she's a girl. She's the exception that confirms the rule we can say. Had she not mentionned that, anybody could have thought she's a male.

Maybe there are words that guys will use to express something, while girls will use others to express the same thing. Then, what about guys/girls that have strong femine/masculine personality?

Oh sorry, Did I tell you whether I was male or female? Well, why don't you guess and tell me?

Can i bet 100 bucks you're male? I just read your full time homemaker thread and the contents, such as '' dont hurt the male ego'' makes me think you're A Mister...lol.

And if I lose, err... can I give a lipstick instead? lol

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Well Savvy, should I tell you the answer right now? Or do we spice it a little bit?... 100 bucks it's a money I can use, uh
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