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Maybe I should take my words back and bring the money issue at the end? Say what?Emotion: hmm

Come oon Savvy, don't spoil it!Emotion: sad I was expecting you to spice it up by increasing the bet...anyway, does it mean you want the answer now?
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Will the money remain with me if I get that quick answer?Emotion: ick!

SavvysavzWill the money remain with me if I get that quick answer?Emotion: ick!
Dear Savvy, a bet is a bet, and if the losers get to keep the money, it's no more a bet, isn't it?...anyway, let's do this: in case I win, I gave up on the money. In case you win, ....whom do you suggest the money goes toEmotion: smile[H]?
My lips remain sealed,henceforth.Emotion: zip it

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1. Fuzzy. pink

2. Cricket. Justine

3. Moist. lick

4. A cold, beaded, foaming bottle of beer. Aurelia

5. Chocolate. saussige

6. Locker door, inside thereof. Justine

7. Pink fluffy slippers. spararadrap

8. Dido, Norah Jones, Katie Melua. (Delete as applicable.) aie aie

9. Cricket Justine

10. Breaking wind and guffawing while other diners stare disapprovingly bondage

11. Rum. billy

12. Showing another girl how far up your legs your tan goes. shave

13. A novel with very curly writing on the front cover, written by someone seemingly named after a country. maman

14. A novel with one very well-thumbed section. sparadrap

15. Mixed conditional. Aurelia

16. New Guinea. ?

17. Cricket. Justine

18. A detailed explanation of the workings of a steam locomotive. sleep

19. Marshmallow, on top of milky coffee. saussige

20. A lusty lithe young rodent. aie aie

21. A cold, beaded, foaming bottle of beer. Justine

22. Tiresome gender stereotyping. Justine and Aurelia

I knowed not for the 16, MyPD... Is it that you can help me?
It will take me a while to analyse your responses, 3P. Suffice it to say they already give me considerable cause for concern.

In the meantime, hold tight. Avoid agitation, Italian tv, and E numbers.

Dear Adomi Emotion: smile

You are a female...

Good luck.
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Dear Adomi Emotion: smile

You are a female...

Good luck.

Well Savvy, looks like Nedad isn't agree with you. Nevertheless, let's cut it out and stop monopolizing the thread.

The answer is:...

Before I get to it, do you know what I'd have done with the hundred bucks? Buy myself a...lipstick? No, a tie rather. I guess you are a good pocker player, you didn't really buy the bluff, contrarily to Nedad. Actually, I'm not a FE(MALE)? No,..I was about to say, I'm not a pocker player, but I like they trick the call : "Bluffing".Emotion: big smile

Well, I am a MALE NedadEmotion: wink, and though I felt some doubts in your expressions Savvy, I admit you were quite a competitor, you almost didn't break. Heads-off to you.Emotion: big smile

Can you tell someone's age from the content of his posts?Emotion: embarrassed
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