Hi everyone,

I've read opinions that the internet has a lot of role-playing and deception, both innocent and otherwise. Just because someone indicates they are male or female on this or any other forum, does that mean that they are? Some people like to have their little games.

What is in my mind, with my question, is wondering whether someone could successfully impersonate a person of the opposite gender, via their writing style and what they write.

What do you think? I'd be interested in your opinion about this, or perhaps you have had a 'misleading' experience of this type that you'd like to share.

Alternatively, if you want to have a little interactive fun, post something in this thread that you think is masculine or feminine, and we can all see if we can guess what your true gender is. Can you fool all of us?

Best wishes, Clive
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Well, I think you're right because I myself don't believe anybody on the net, because it would be so silly and childish of me. Everyone knows that there are plenty of lies on this great net.Actually , I would never lie or even pretend to be something which I'm not, I've got too much reading to do for college.So ,I consider such lies as a waste of time.For example, my name on this forum implies who I am, I've never met a man who calls himself ,Sweet.I don't want to fool you or anybody , I can't because according to my religion lying is forbidden.I really love your idea, it shows how smart you are and I'm sure that I'd enjoy reading others' contributions.Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile
We can probably distinguish between 'feminine' and 'masculine' styles (Keats versus Dryden, Herrick versus Donne); but as these examples show, the difference doesn't necessarily relate to sex.

So if the Best Detective came up against the Best Gender Bender, I'm inclined to think that the latter would always have the advantage.

It would be interesting to make a list of words and phrases that seem to be reserved for use by one sex.

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Feminine: "Eek! a mouse!" (or a guinea pig)
Female: 'pretty please'.

(It makes me embarrassed even to think it.)

Hi MrP!

It would be rather difficult to list words, phrases or styles which are typically used by the male/female gender. A good impersonator would probably be able to adapt or take on different gender styles with ease.

What do you think MrP? Er.....umm...(hesitatingly) or is it Ms.P? Emotion: wink

Emotion: smilejust kidding of course!
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Benita...or is it Ms.P?...

You must be thinking of MsQ...It's surprising how many people can't tell us apart...

There's exactly 50% opportunity to guess it out,so I'll never try to intend to confuse others on this. Emotion: smile

But I don't think I'll agree to the view of 'believe nobody from the great net'.All depend on yourself.If you're believable enough,then everything could be changed...

At least,I've found my friends and none will take them as the childish guys.

Hey Clive...

A different kind of query but a nice one...at times even i wonder why people need to change their personalities..its a God given gift!!

But i guess its easy to make out if u r talking to a gal aar a guy..at some point the truth wud surely come out by the terms one uses..

Try this out!!

Hv a nice day!!

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