Hi friends,I wanted to share this riddle,trick whatever it is with you.But I wanna have your opinionex about it.To may way of thinking it's a bit silly.Cos it doesn't work as it says.I wonder whether you give the answer that they

expect or not..Take care(don't forget to let me know)

This is for the Psychology majors...

Don't need pen or paper. Just answer as you go. Free will or synaptic wiring? You be the judge. Check out the following exercise, guaranteed to raise an eyebrow. There's no trick or surprise. Just follow these instructions, and answer the questions one at a time and as quickly as you can! Again, as quickly as you can but don't advance until you've done each of them ... really.

Now, arrow down (but not too fast, you might miss something).........

What is:






Now repeat saying the number 6 to yourself as fast as you can for 15 seconds. Then scroll down.


Then arrow down.

Again arrow down.

You're thinking of a carrot, right?

If not, you're among the 2% of the population whose minds are different enough to think of something else. 98% of people will answer with carrot when given this exercise. Freaky, huh?

Send this web page to all your friends so they can see if they are part of the 98% or among the 2% of the population.

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How shall I get them?

BTW, I liked your tests, DJB!
Thanks pieanne Emotion: wink Probably you can take them from....from.....umm..I dunno! Emotion: big smile They migt appear when they are needed..Or maybe you've got them inside your soul or inside your neurons Emotion: smile it's up to you; let your heart control your mind or let your mind control your heart..or.....just do both of them if you can(like me) ... so in this way you can take your pills everyday though you do not feel taking...Maybe you always do that,that's why you're so clever and witty..
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Oh, that's too much, DjB, [F] thank you! I think I'll build up a strategy... Are the pills pink, or ...?
[H] you're welcome..The pills are in the colour whatever you want them to be..They change accoring to your mood.If you are in the doldrums they're orange to cheer you up,if you're feeling nervous they're navy blue to give you the feeling of ease..It goes like that..
Ah, great! So I'll know them when I need them! Thanks, DjB!
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As you like it Emotion: wink
Interesting quiz. I think it works by imposing the number 6 on the brain, and then thinking of a vegetable that has six letters e.g. carrot.
I thought of a tomato, which also has six letters. Potato has six as well.

P.S. 88.2 % of statistics are made up on the spot ;0
Cool, i was thinking carrot.
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Hey DJ Bueno,

When i was doing you little trick thingy, i thought of carrot! When i finished doing it, i remembered i did a trick like that but it was:







Think of a vegie quick!

(and then ppl thought of carrot)

I also know another one but not the same type, here it is...(it works better if you actually say it though)
Here it is....

Say white ten times fast!
(scroll down)

scroll down..........

You probably thought of milk didn't ya? Well actually cows drink water and they make millk!

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