Are you seeing a dog this picture?
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Though it seems a bit strange to me you can use such a sentence in a conversation."Are u seeing a dog in this picture?"

to meet and converse with: Are you seeing her at lunch today? seeing can be used in this way too.
Hi Tea-time,

I think you mean: Can you see a dog in this picture?

I think you forgot to add in a link to the picture!
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Hı, Doll and Lil' Ruby Rose

first thanks for your replies and thanks to correct my mistakes, to you.

I'm a stranger.I'm a learner.I want to learn English.I want to speak English.

I want to make friends everybody.

I tried to send a picture but I flunked.
I forgot to say !

Nice to meet you.
Hi ,Tea-time

I am glad to meet you ,too.
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this time , can I flunk?
now, There is a baby this picture. CAN YOU SEE?

Doll , again thanks.
I see both!:) I have lots of these pics..I just love then!:D

Thanks for sharing them with us!:D
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