Why is this so that I have never seen, as far as I can remember, a country named Palestine on a world map? It refers to the entire area as Israel. Aren't Palestine and Israel two separate countries?

Hi Jackson

There is no such thing as a Palestinian state even though there are Palestinians because a nation does not depend on a government. And that's the source of the Middle East conflict.
The muslims want their own sovereign state but it's not decided if and on what territory that can be accomplished.

hello Jackson ..

the real name of the country is Palestine ,before 50 years it was Palestinian country .the Israelians were looking for place to huddle in so they started their immigration from all the world to Palestine by forcing the real citizens to take parts of the Palestanian lands ,in 1948 ,650000 of the jews came to Palestine ,and thats why they are fighting each other untill now ,the Palestinians want to get their country back and the Israelians are refusing to leave the lands ,so in 1948 the other countries start calling the places that carries Israelian people as Israel and the other places of the country as Palestine ..

this is what i studied and read in the books if anybody knows something different please tell me !
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"forcing the 'real' citizens" is not correct.
After the Holocaust, many Jews immigrated to the Holy Land to live, not to force anybody to do anything. It was not an occupation, it was more of a refuge.

And they refuse to leave the Land because historically as well as morally, it is their right to be there.
It is out of the question that Israel has a right to exist. There was a war which the Israelis won.

"Palestine" is not a sovereign state but there are regions where Palestinians live such as Gaza, which is physically separated from Israel by a segregation wall.
yea i never understood what they were clamoring about. Why would they call it an Israeli occupation if it was never truly established as the palestinians. I often feel like all the actual people in palestine want is just peace. I would imagine if I lived there I would just want the fighting to stop. I don't care WHO owns the land, just let me live my life in peace ya know.