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I would truly appreciate it if someone could check my essay. It's about the question whether the "American Dream" is still alive. Feel free to point out new ideas concerning the content because I don't have the insight on the topic that an American might have.

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Nowadays many newspapers which write about the American Dream choose the headline "American Dream or American Nightmare?". The key question is whether it's still possible for the American to achieve prosperity and success. In the following I intend to weigh the pros and cons and focus my attention on Barack Obamas' policy.

To begin with, the idea that "all men are created equal" is rooted in the "Declaration of Independence". In this document the idea emerged, that everyone has the same chances and opportunities. Approximately 40 years ago, blacks were still suppressed an suffered a lot. But over the years this has changed. Today Barack Obama is the first black president of the United States and black people have the chance to truly fulfil their desires without the prior restrictions that limited them according to their calls, caste, religion, race or ethnicity.
In addition to this there's the fact that the idea of the American Dream pushes the people to fight for their success. Consequently, this strong faith makes them reaching their goals.
Furthermore, Barack Obama wants to reduce the costs that have to be afforded to go to college. This means that more people get the chance to acquire an academic degree. Another point to consider is that the president intends to restrict outsourcing. He's in favour of creating jobs in America. That's the reason why many unemployed persons could get a job in the future.
Equally important is the fact that he is opposed to spending money on unnecessary wars. Instead it's his intention to invest in nation building.
Now I want to state the counter-arguments.

Firstly, the lax lending standards lured people into buying homes they could not afford. As a consequence, the population suffered from the economic crisis in 2008, which led to the decline of wages. Nowadays the economy has still not recovered.
Additionally, children with wealthy parents can get financial support whereas poorer children can't. This means that it's easier for certain people to become successful. We must also take into account that the economy additionally suffers from Barack Obamas' health care programme, which is very expensive. As a consequence, people don't own the money to establish a company, for instance.
But the biggest problem is that still too many people are unemployed. This is one of the main problems Barack Obama has to face in order to make the American Dream achievable for more people. Moreover, there are too many illegal immigrants in America, which makes it very difficult to create jobs.
Taking all sides of the argument into consideration, we can conclude that economical problems restrict the individual in fulfilling his dreams. But when the economy has recovered, more people will get the chance to reach prosperity. This means that the American Dream is still alive.

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