Im writing a Argumentative Research Essay on FTA (Free Trade Agreement)...
It is due in 2 weeks...
I have started off by organizing it like this... Please comment/correct/suggest ideas...

Thesis: The Free Trade Agreement brings Canada new wealth into its economy and will benefit us.

Paragraph 1:
-countries have their specialities and certain countries can make specific products easily, so Canada shouldn't have high tariffs and try to make everything themselves
- it should benefit from FTA by importing cheap goods from other countries
- will support with evidence of different countries which are good at making certain products

Paragraph 2:
- more investment in Canada will be brought about by the FTA
- elimination of tariffs will encourage investors into Canada

Paragraph 3:
- canada needs the USA
- without FTA the USA can put up barriers at any time and that would hit the canadian economy pretty bad
- support it with the USA being a leading economy in the world and also how much it imports and exports

This is my first draft of an outline...plz look at it and make any comments/changes/suggestions... whatever you want... THANK YOU

I don't think your analysis is particularly deep.

You could discuss economic theory on camparative advantage. Even if the US is better at producing at Good A and B, it is still better to have Canada focus on the lesser comparative Good B.

Moreover, Canada can't make everything itself. Our climate is not proper for making pineapples, for example. As far as high intensive, low skill labour jobs, that work is better suited to other countries.

As far as Canada needing USA, I'd argue both countries need each other. If Canada were to suddenly cut its power from Quebec into NY or its oil and gas from Alberta to the States, you'd see how much Canada is suddenly needed.

I am sure that there are lots of essays and discussions about the Canada US Mexico Free Trade agreement. Have a look around the Internet and see what you can find.

The thing is that everywhere people are talking about the NAFTA, but i need to talk about the FTA...

Do you think it would matter if i referred to nafta...
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NAFTA is the FTA, no? Or it is a subset of all the existing FTAs. I would just structure it so that you are referring to ONE of the FTAs.

i am doing it on the FTA between Canada and the USA...

btw what do you think of my thesis....could you help me improve it...