What is the difference between the two? Should we say: I arrived in Lisbon or I arrived at Lisbon?
Thank you!
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Hi ! I'm new..and want to be a part of you guys.Well I guess this is the most accurate and precise explanation.
Arrive in for big places
Arrive at for smaller and specific
I agree!
help meIn the evening, he usually.....at six.A. Arrives homeb. Arrives at homec. Get to homed. None is correct
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First, which answer do you choose, please?
Can You say "arrive in" to a smaller village?
Thank you , thats the answer I was looking for
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I am flying as a pilot and normally make announcements to passengers saying:

1) In a couple of minutes we will start our descent for landing in the airport of ..... (city name)

2) We have landed in ....... (airport name) of ...... (city name)

Am I using the prepositions correctly or should I always say "AT"?

If you are in the airport, you are inside the terminal building. Most pilots prefer to land onto the runway. Emotion: smile


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I wish I'll never hear that "we will start our descent for landing in the airport".
My planes have always landed successfully on the runway. The lights are in the runway, someone had to dig them in :-)

But for the safe side, I'd prefer arriving at Heathrow, at Arlanda, at JFK ...