What is the difference between the two? Should we say: I arrived in Lisbon or I arrived at Lisbon?
Thank you!
I arrived in Lisbon would be correct. 

You put in before cities. for e.g. in New York, in Paris, in Oslo, etc.

But, if you're talking about the station, e.g. I arrived at Lisbon (Here, you're talking about the Lisbon station), you can use at.

There is a pretty good rule of thumb for foreign learners. Use the same preposition with arrive as you use with be:

He is in London. He arrived in London.
He is at the airport. He arrived at the airport.
He is at the station. He arrived at the station.
He is at the bus stop. He arrived at the bus stop.
He is in Japan. He arrived in Japan.

At is usually used with abstract words: He arrived at the right conclusion.
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I arrived //

You're quite right: You arrive in a city, but at a place.


You normally use at when the name represents a station, airport, port, head office of a company or a meeting place that is familiar to all speakers in the conversation, etc.


Hello Jay

Yes, you are quite right. In English they say "arrive on the scene" as well as "arrive at the scene". They use both on and at also for "the island". In the case of "the coast", they mostly say "arrived on the coast".

"Arrive over" is also possible in a context like "Lindbergh arrived over Paris at about 10 PM local time".


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Only for your information:

You arrive in a big place.( Beijing, New York)

You arrive at a small place.(airport, trian station..)
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Isn't it also possible to use the preposition ON? In for instance;

When I arrived on the scene, it was all over.

Is this wrong? Jay
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Okay I have never heard the one with over before. I cannot remember who Lindbergh was. But wasn't he one of the first ever to fly?

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