The document has been arrived

The cargo will be arrived or arrival in UK on Nov 15

You will arrive after 15 mintus later
The document has arrived.

The cargo will arrive in the UK on Nov 15.

You will arrive 15 minutes later.
is it also possible to say:

The cargo will arrive to UK on Nov 15.
You will be arriving 15 minutes later.

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Not to. Arrive in the UK on Nov 15.

Your second one is okay as is.
You could say 'at the UK' as well.
If you wanted to use the noun arrival, you would have to construct the sentence in a different way. For example:

I confirm the document's arrival. / I confirm the arrival of your document.

The arrival date / date of arrival of the cargo is Nov 15.

Your arrival has been postponed by 15 minutes.

Mind you, none of these are very common, at least in speech. You can find more examples here: http://pewebdic2.cw.idm.fr / (You need to type arrival.)
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Thank you Patrick. I just take a look for this wedsite.
the cargo has been arrived - is it correctly ?
Anonymousthe cargo has been arrived - is it correctly ?
No. The cargo has arrived.
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