Which part of the artichoke is it? Is it the most important part (in the middle)?Thanks
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Hi Antonia,

Artichoke bottom is what we in England call artichoke heart. Yes - it's the bit in the middle


Oh, thank you, I was wondering whether it was a heart! And it was- and the problem is solved. Thanks
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I think there might be a slight difference between artichoke hearts & bottoms:
the heart is indeed the tender center of the artichoke, you can eat it in salad with a vinaigrette, for example, but the bottom is the kind of small saucer that's left once you have eaten all the leaves. You can serve it gratiné, or in salad, etc...
You'll find artichoke bottoms here:

that's not the same as the hearts...
You are of course correct, Pieanne! Emotion: embarrassed
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As usual..Emotion: smile
It's just so hard to keep up, Antonia. Don't you think so?Emotion: indifferent
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