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According to figures from Hanoi Statistics Department in the first 9 months of this year, the city industrial production continuously grew 11.3% in the second quarter over the first quater and 2% in the third quarter against the second quarter. Compared with the same quarter of 1999, the first quarter of this year grew 13.1%, the second quarter 16.2 % and the third quarter 16.4%. In general, the 9-month city industry had a total value of 40.230 biilion VND equal to 73.5 % compared with the whole year plan and increased 15.3%against the same period of 1999.

Why Hanoi Statistics Department but not the Hanoi Statistics Department?

If both, what is the difference in menaing btw them?Are they interchangeable in this context?Why?



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the Hanoi Statistics Department
is the correct version.
I agree with you Marius, but on the other hand...
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These kinds of questions about articles can be tricky. You'll find many other threads that discuss similar queries.

I wouldn't say either of these examples is wrong.

Hanoi Statistics Department This suggests the speaker is thinking of it as a title, as a name. He considers the word 'department' as part of the name, as the capital 'D' suggests.

the Hanoi Statistics Department This suggests the speaker is thinking that there are many departments, and trying to specify the one he wants to deal with. In a case like this, it could be argued that a small 'd' would be better than a capital.

I'm trying to find a logical explanation. However, please note that the use of articles in this kind of context is very often idiomatic, and full of unusual cases and exceptions.

Best wishes, Clive
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