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Am I right to think that the following nouns do not get the Indefinite Article (A/An) ?

E.g. wonderful weather (not a wonderful weather)

wonderful news (not a wonderful news)

in such rainy weather (not in such a rainy weather)

nice breakfast, supper, dinner lunch (not a nice breakfast, dinner, supper, lunch)

What about a cold winter, summer, auntumn, spring? (is it possible)?

Does climate get an indefinite article?

Thanks beforehand


Wonderful weather - right. THE weather is wonderful, not A weather.

Wonderful news - right. THE news is wonderful, not A news. NEWS is uncountable; you can't have A NEWS.

In such rainy weather - right. THE weather is rainy, not A weather.

Nice breakfast, supper, dinner, lunch - no, it's "A nice breakfast", "A nice dinner", etc. (Or THE instead of A.) You DO normally use an article with those words.

A cold winter, etc - right. A winter; A cold winter; A warm spring; a hot summer; all natural forms.

CLIMATE is similar to WEATHER. It's THE climate (or THE weather), not A climate, although you can say "Australia has A very dry climate".

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Very useful indeed.

So we say a nice breakfast but to have breakfast. (Am I right)?

Do we use a very dry climate because of the adjective "dry"? But in one of the books I read this country has a continental climate. (is this possible)?


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Yes, "a nice breakfast" and "have breakfast".

A country has "A climate" - "a warm climate", "a tropical climate", "a continental climate". I may have misled you earlier. CLIMATE is different from WEATHER in that you can't have "A weather" but yes you can have "A climate".
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Thanks a lot for your great help