Dear teachers

I have again a problem conserning these articles.

I read in a grammar book that we do not usually put a definite article with the following Nouns indicating illness, e.g. flu, influenza, pneumonia, BUT suddenly I see the measules, the typhus... is it possible?

Thanks a lot


We most definitely put "the" before flu (which is the same as influenza). MOST illnesses do not take the "the" but some do.

I've got the flu, she has the measles

We often use "a": I've got a cold, he as a sinus infection, my daughter has an ear ache, my cousin had a heart attack.

She has cancer, Lupus, IBS, appendicitis, etc.

I'll let JohnParis answer whether there is a reason some get the "the" and others do not.
Yes, please.

Thanks a lot

Am looking forward to hearing from you.