I think a long time ago, CalifJim covered this extensively and well but it is hard to find out where that is. If I want to look for it, what word or phrase followed by a hyphen and his name should I use?

Anyway, my question is "When you have title that is part of phrases like 'known as', 'considered as', 'treated as', etc., do I need to write any article before them?" I think I don't have to since titles are what is used there.

He is known as company treasurer

He is considered as treasurer.

He is treated as treasurer

But if it is not a title, then an article seems to be needed:

He is considered/treated as a VIP.
You should search for
user:califjim considered as

user:califjim known as
or something like that
Anon, please share the thread with us if you find it.Thanks!