Hi. I have some questions about articles.

1. There's an exercise. You have a picture and in this picture there are a few desks, a few chairs, one book, one bag, one blackboard (on the blackboard there is one big pen, it's sketched), there is one door and one window.

In this exercise you're supposed to ask: What's this? And answer: It's a desk etc. In the answer key all the answers use the article "a". What about "one book", "one door", "one window", "one bag" "one blackboard". The answer key says: "What's this?" "It's a bag". "What's this?" "It's a door". etc.

Shouldn't it rather be "It's the bag", "It's the door" "It's the window (instead of: It's a window)?

2. There is another exercise. Similar to the one above. There's a picture. In the picture there are: one teacher, one board, one door, some boys, some girls, two pencils, two pens, two books, two rubbers, a few desks, two bags, two windows.

Answers from the key: the teacher, the board, a window, the door, a girl, a bag, a boy, a chair, a desk, a book, a pencil, a rubber, a pen.

--- I understand that they used "the" because there was only one teacher, door and board, and more than one girls, pencils, books, bags, etc.

However it seems to be contradictory to exercise number one because there's also "one window" and "one door" etc. and the key says "It's a door" and "It' a window" instead of "It's the door" and "It's the window".
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Thank you for this very clear exlanations CJ!