Firstly, sorry if I put this topic in the wrong section, really didn't know where to put it...

I just want to ask where I can get articles which shouldn't be too easy to understand because the article my teacher will give us will be very difficult and I want to practice a lot.

What do you think, should I first start with articles which are easy to understand and then taking the more difficult ones? I want to be good prepared because in already two weeks I have my final exams, so what would be best to do? Maybe I should add that I am pretty bad in english..

If anyone can give me advices, please help meEmotion: smile
Hi Lemon,

have a look at this:

Hi abbie! Thx for your reply but I think you misunderstood me ^^. With article I didn't mean the articles such as a or the, but articles f. e. from newspaper. I know there are lots of articles but I need such articles which are a bit more difficult to understand than normal articles. Maybe you know some?
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hi lemon.. i think you are under stress at the moment. first of all relax yourself by taking a deep breath. Perhaps you should start reading short articles that are easy to understand first. after you have mastered the easy one you can then move slowly to the next higher level. I reckon you should not speed up. take a step at a time ya!Emotion: wink
Hi, lemon. You are absolutely right - I did misunderstand!Emotion: embarrassed

I think leaestelle has given you some good advice - take it easy!

DON'T PANIC (Douglas Adams)

If you only have 2 weeks to go, this may not be the time to strat new stuff - why not revise all the stuff you've been taught so far?

It's also a bit difficult to advise you what to read, as we don't know what level you are studyig. If we sent you something too complicated, you would just panic even more!Emotion: indifferent
Hi leastelle! Well, there is no way of having no stress^^ exam is approaching. Yeah maybe you are right, i should just read the easier one but i wonder if i can make it, there are other subjects to study as well. When I think about it I get panic because I have not much time left but want to improve a lot so I try to broaden my knowledge from reading up to learning the grammar stuff but everytihng at the same time.. not a smart idea..

You know there will be two topics to choose in my english exam. One topic will be an article, a very difficult one and the other topic where you have to know the subject matter which is too much to have an idea what might come for the exam. That puts me in a difficult position..
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Hi abbie! Too late, I am already in panic ^^. But I think I will really just read simple articles that would also help me a lot I think, and just learn each chapter briefly...

Thanks a lot you two for your helpEmotion: smile
I think that's a good idea, lemon. Emotion: smile