Hello. Could u check grammar and structure in my articles please? Thank you.

Robert E. Litan, 2015, ‘Economists: the Internet economy’, McKinsey Quarterly.
In this article, author looks on one main thing: today's Internet ecomony would not have been possible without the deregulation of transportation between 1970s and 1980s. Robert E. Litan uses bussines information gained from Internet’s well-known players (Amazon and Ebay) to try to indentify what effect did economists have on this transportation deregulation and how did internet auctions become so popular today. His research focuses on the implications of price regulation of transport on the US economy and how a small company named Priceline popularized auctions in this country. The article is useful to my research topic because it containts a lot of helpful information about transport economy. The limitation of the article is that author does not say in detail about effects of transport deregulation in other countries; thus author suggests that there can be other effects depend on country. This is written for people without prior knowledge of this subject and easy to understand. This article represents an important contribution to the field of economy and will figure prominently in my paper.

Daniel Girardet, Jürgen Müller, and Anselm Ott, 2014, ‘Getting freight back on track’, McKinsey & Company.
Daniel Girardet et al. review the current situation on Europe’s freight market, advantages and disadvantages of freight rail and the forces that will likely shake its future, especially on those forces that rail operators can influence. Authors anylize historical drivers of both modal share and modal-share growth in Europe since 1995 to understand the challenges of growth. Their research focuses on historical perspective of the development of railways, current situation and the forces which can or cannot be controlled by rail operators. I find this article useful for my research, presumably because it contains information about how to increase competitiveness of rail operators in the long run. The limitation of the paper is that this article is about growth only, not profitability—but profits are of course vital for every company; thus author suggests that under current regulations, it is difficult for most operators to earn sustainable margins and grow. This article contains a lot of terminology and because of that it is more professionally oriented. Althrough the information is very informative and it will be useful for my research.

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