usage of articals in english language?
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English basically has two articles: the (definite article) and a (indefinite).
The only variation is the use of an (instead of a) when nouns start with a vowel.

A bus (indefinite)
An apple (indefinite)

The man ate an apple on a bus (definite,indefinite,indefinite)
'A/an' is called the 'indefinite article'. 'The' is called the 'definite article'. 'Some/any' is often used as the pluran of 'a/an'. If you use 'no article', this has a different meaning from all the others. Therefore in English there are four articles.

Articles are used to show whether we are referring to things that are known both to the speaker/writer and to the listener/readed ('definite'), or that are known to them both ('indefinite').

Articles can also show whether you are talking about about things in general or particular things.
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Is there a rule regarding repeating articles?

"I saw a church, a house, a bridge, an arch, a car, and a store".


"I saw a church, house, bridge, arch, car, and a store"

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as far as i know, the first question is correct "I saw a church, a house, a bridge, an arch, a car, and a store", it is formal and completed

the second one is not consistent in terms of structure