What does "articulation" mean in:

The apparent receptiveness of our curricula to the Third World, a receptiveness that makes full use of non-Western human specimens as instruments for articulation, is something we have to practice and deconstruct at once

(from Encountering Development by Arturo Escobar)

?Thanks in advance

soheil1What does "articulation" mean

You are trying to read ultra-"scholarly" writing on an arcane topic written by someone whose first language is not English. Why would you do that? Even I can't read it. His grasp of English idiom is imperfect, not to be too harsh, and he is using words in definitions he makes up for the purposes of his topic, as do all academics, definitions you won't find in any dictionary. You are supposed to pick those words up as you read him. We can't possibly know what he's talking about, not being psycho-economists, or whatever he is. In this case, he doesn't say what is to be articulated, so I can't even guess at his meaning.