I watched CBS show, Ghost Whisperer 1/15/2010 episode.
Titled Blessing in Disguise.
In the show, esspecially at the end of the show, I herd a song I liked.
Cant find the artist or the title of the song.
Music by: Mark Snow showed in the credits, of the show.

So, I say to you
this is what I have to do....
Cause, I don't know who I am....
With-out you,
all i know is that I should..
I don't know if I could....
Stand another hand upon me...
All I know is that I should
She will love you...you know that I could
All I know........
She who dares to stand when I should....
Google the lyrics ther are websites that specialise in this and they are free.
I searched with help of google and found this song

Missy Higgins - Where I Stood

It's very similar to your lyrics , check out them and tell me if it was right Emotion: smile