"The re-boot's script (written by Transformers duo Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman), however, falls short of engaging viewers as intellectually or emotionally as the best prior movies and TV episodes have done."

Here, is the expression "as...as the best" similar to the expression "as...as well"? To me it sounds a bit awkward and I wasn't really sure whether it was a mistake or not.

The usage should be similar to "as intellectually or emotionally as well"; however, we can't say "those movies has done intellectually or emotionally the best"--at least it sounds a bit ungrammatical to my ears.

What do you think?
It seems OK to me. It means that this script does not engage the viewer with the same degree of intellectual or emotional impact as the best prior movies or TV episodes have done.

It's an ordinary "as <adverb> as" structure, as in "I can't run as fast as you".

The only potential nit-pick is that it sort of implies there's some way to engage viewers other than emotionally or intellectually, whereas you could argue that those two things cover most bases.
Thank you