It is true that the artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent having a significant impact on all spheres of human life, in particular educational environment, leading to in the fact that the position of educators could be substituted swiftly. It seems to me that I absolutely disgree with this idea.There is a undeniable fact that the technology probably plays a crucial part in morden classrooms due to various reasons. Firstly, it is likely to be a window of opportunity allowing students to handily access the source of enormous knowledge from diverse domains, via social medias, apps, websites. As a result, they may catch up with the latest information keeping pace with the global tendency. Secondly, advances in computers might definitely empower the study hours to be more appealing. This means that through lively videos, colorful images, it could afford to increase learner's concentration assisting the comprehension of lessons in being more effective.Nevertheless, conventional teachers obviously have a indispensable role. The greatest important cause is that educators can provide children with the best way to master a variety of vital soft skills such as: communication skill, emotional skill, problem-solving skill, which are considered as a pivotal aspect contributing to their laying of foundation for their career path. By constrast, this is impossible done by robots. Furthermore, It appears that each individual is radically different from others. Therefore, Teachers are able to identity their characteristics like: intellectual capabilities or feeling in order to flexibly select appropriate methods inspiring them to absorb the lectures better, while computers are programmed in advance for objects equally.In conclusion, Robots are a mere mechanisms which never enable to take the place of traditional teacher in schools, but it may be a capable assistant bringing about the enhancement of educational quality.

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