Hi it's my birthday today and I got a card in which the giver had written 'As your days are, so shall your strength be.' She is quite religious so I guessed this was a bible quote. I've googled and found

Thy shoes shall be of iron and brass: and as thy days, so shall thy strength be.
Author: Bible
Source: Deuteronomy (ch. XXXIII, v. 25)

the sources all just say this was a blessing from Moses on one of the tribes of Israel.

Can anyone tell me what it actually means and why on earth she would have written it in my birthday card? I'm confused but don't like to ask her...I can't make head or tail of it. iron shoes? my days (lifespan?) - my strength shall be what? last as long as my life? ...may you live until you die?
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Hello and happy birthday!
The passage that was quoted on your birthday card means as you grow in age so shall your strength increase. It is a form of prayer since people get weak and tired due to old age, your friend is praying for you to have more strength as you grow older.
God will give you strength to face each day. Some days may seem filled with trials and tribulation more than other days, but don't worry He promised to give you strength to face each day. Some days you will need more. That was a good word from your friend.
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Deut 33:25 as thy days ,so shall our strength Be,
It means the tougher the day , the greater the strength
The harder the test, the greater the power.
God will not give you a hard situation with out measuring first the amount of grace you need to overcome the problem.
use this daily no matter what the ciircumstance is.
Moses is telling the Israelites that God has given what they need for life, and that He will give strength for every circumstance in life, strength for every day until their life ends. They should not be afraid. He is the One to whom they should look for every need.The Israelites wandered forty years in the desert, and in those forty years their shoes and their clothing did not wear out, so it would make sense to them since their shoes had "worn like iron".
You understood!
This was Moses' reminder to the Israelites as he was preparing to die, and they were preparing to leave the wilderness and go into the land God had promised them (Israel, but it was called Canaan then).
Your friend probably wrote this because she wants God to bless you in this way. I encourage you to read the Bible. It is the most wonderful book I've ever read. Most people have opinions about God without ever reading what He has to say to us. Reading this book has changed me, has changed my life. It's worth your time and effort.
i wonder if you'll read this since it's nine years after your post!
It means whatever happens in the day whatever it is god will give u the strength for it or to bare it
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Positively sharing our days can be filled with stressors but here is a biblical promise I will be there with you I will give you the strength that you need each day to cope with your trials says the Lord.

Nona, I came across this as I was looking for the Bible verse connected to the quote “as your days, your strength shall be in measure”, and I know this post is 12 years old, but if by some crazy chance you read this response I hope it helps you. “As your days, your strength shall be in measure” is actually part of a beautiful hymn called “Day by Day”. It’s about living each day as it comes, and how God will give you the grace you need for whatever each day brings. That particular quote is from a verse that goes like this:

Every day the Lord Himself is near me,
With a special mercy for each hour;
All my cares He fain would bear and cheer me,
He whose name is Counsellor and Pow’r.
The protection of His child and treasure
Is a charge that on Himself He laid;
“As thy days, thy strength shall be in measure,”
This the pledge to me He made.

I love this hymn because it reminds me that God always gives me the grace I need for each day as it comes, and that grace is always enough, he will always give me enough strength to get through whatever I’m facing. Your friend was just encouraging you that God can get you through anything and everything, and he does it one day at a time.

I read it like this, the harder the day the greater the strength. God measures the day and gives u the sufficient strength and grace to get through it.
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