Hi it's my birthday today and I got a card in which the giver had written 'As your days are, so shall your strength be.' She is quite religious so I guessed this was a bible quote. I've googled and found

Thy shoes shall be of iron and brass: and as thy days, so shall thy strength be.
Author: Bible
Source: Deuteronomy (ch. XXXIII, v. 25)

the sources all just say this was a blessing from Moses on one of the tribes of Israel.

Can anyone tell me what it actually means and why on earth she would have written it in my birthday card? I'm confused but don't like to ask her...I can't make head or tail of it. iron shoes? my days (lifespan?) - my strength shall be what? last as long as my life? ...may you live until you die?
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Sorry, I can't help you there, but I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! Emotion: smile

Happy Birthday, Nona!

other (more readable) bible translations quote:
"May your strength last as long as you live!" (God's Word)
"Your people will be powerful for as long as they live" (Contemporary English)

Surely, it is difficult to say what your friend really means, but surely for birthday wishings it goes along the line "may you live long and be always healthy".

Enjoy your birthday!
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Yes, definitely, first things first! Happy birthday!

I found this in the New Living Translation, or something like that:

May the bolts of your gates be of iron and bronze;

may your strength match the length of your days!"

I think if you were a Vulcan, you could feely translate that as "Live Long and Prosper."
Oops. Forgot to sign in again. The Live Long and Prosper was from me.
Thanks guys, it makes sense to me now!
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In the Vulgate, the text reads "sicut dies juventutis tuae, ita et senectus tua", i.e. "May your old age be as the day of your youth!"

I don't know if you are still wanting to know more about this verse. I have been studying this particulary verse since it has been one of my favorites for over forty years.

I am surmising your friend wrote it on your BD card as an encouragement to you. It means that no matter what you may face in a given day, hour, moment, et.; God will be there to give you HIS strength to get through anything!!!

No doubt your friend has seen rough days and has gotten through those days because God's strength was there.

I have also found an old message by Spurgon to be quite enlightening in explaining in depth this verse. http://www.biblebb.com/files/spurgeon/0210.htm - 37k

Hope this helped some!!!

I'm new to responding to these things, so sorry for the late posting. But here's the deal:
The phrase: "As your days, thy strength shall be in measure" comes from an old hymn, a Swedish authored song, called "Day by Day" - not the Godspell version of Day by Day, the one that an old Baptist like me would sing in Sunday School. It's a favorite song of mine. The author of the words to the tune is the same author who wrote "Children of the Heavenly Father." Anyway, I digress.
All that she is telling you is that God provides you with enough strength to get through all of your days. That is a comfort to those of us who believe in Him, especially if you're going through a discouraging time.
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