12. ---- little respect the British people may feel for

the monarchy, they are still not likely to change

to a republic.

A) As far as B) Whatever C) Such a

D) However E) Just as

Hello everyone, I was solving some test and couldn't find a good reason for the answer of this test. The key says the answer is A, however, I can't find any of them correct. I would chnage the phrase and add Althoguh or though or something like these. I guess I don't understand the meaning. What does "as far as little respect.." mean here?

I will be happy if you could help me.

Thanks in advance.Emotion: smile
DollThe key says the answer is A,
Really? Hmmm, I 'd have chosen "however "... Emotion: hmm
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I think the answer key is wrong. "As far as little respect" makes no sense at all. I think the answer is "However," not in the sense of "although," but in the sense of "how ever little respect" or "no matter how little respect..."
Thank you for your answers ladies. Yes "however" is better than as far as. Emotion: smile