What is the most preferable form 'I was ' or 'I were' after 'as if'
as if i were... as mentioned in another post, this is the final remnant of the past subjunctive in english. common vernacular usage of "as if i was" shows that this last vestige might also be on its way out of the english language...

(subjunctive is used here because the expression "as if" makes the situation hypothetical, putting in doubt its truth or even its possibility, depending on the case)
Would it be possible for you to give us an example?
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"I was acting as if I were drunk, even though I was completely sober."
BUT: "If he was indeed running yesterday, he must be tired."
If I were a cannibal, I would hunt and eat all o' ya.
Perhaps the best advice is to use WERE for the present and WAS for the past. One great grammarian gives these examples: "She speaks as if she were ashamed" but "She spoke as if she was ashamed." One book used by many American college students simply gives this example: He acted as if he were/was losing his temper. Nowdays, many native speakers use WAS even for the present, e.g., She speaks as if she was ashamed.
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It's a very clear explanation. Perhaps you could mention the names of the book and of the great grammarian. Thanks a lot.
very good answer, well explained. congrats.