is it correct to say
..she look like she drunk a bunch of beer(in the past)
...she acts as if she haD drunk a bunch of beers(i mean she acts now as if in the past she had drunk too much

thanks for your help

and last one give everything the body ask for/and give everything she asks for

give everything she ask for /or give evrything that she asks for

and the most important....give the body everything that it wants

i know that for example give her everything she wants might be right but if it's a thing how would i form the sentence

thanks in advance daniel
I hope this help...

as if + subject + present/past verb
as if + subject + past verb with present meaning

So in your example

she acts as if she drunk a bunch of beer. (present) (Meaning - She doesn't drink or probably
she dosen't drink or we don't know she
drink or not)

He talks about Rome as if he had been there himself. (present)
she acts as if she had drunk a bunch of beer. (present)

you can change (talks) to (talked)
(acts) to (act) for past you don't need to change verb after (as if).

we normally use (as if/as though/look like) for imaginary.

(look like) is very informal but it has same meaning and usage of (as if/though)
so i would say "she acts as if she had drunk a bunch of beers"(she acts now ,as if in the past she had maybe drunk beer,we dont know if she did it or not)is that correct?

another question can i say "give evrything that he ask for"meaning to give him everything that he is asking....???
thanks in advance

do u have messanger i would like to talk to u about an issue with grammar just some tips ,it's not that easy to express everything without getting an instant feeback...hehe
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HI Daniel

for as if, you can say something like that.

for second one, yes, it is to give him everything that he is asking for.

give everything that he ask for = he is asking for something from you, and you can give him everything.

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hey louis are u sure i can say /she sounds as if she had drunk a bunch of verbs(but we dont know if she drank them)

if anyone knows please let me know
If she's drunk a bunch of verbs, we're all in trouble.

You could say, "She sounded as if she had drunk a lot of beer." or "She sounds as if she has drunk several bottles of beer." In both cases, we don't know. Beers, the plural, refers to different brands of beer not multiple bottles.
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