I have some of the questions.For example:look forward to..

How many on this words will add ing?

Can you give me an example to me?
Hi. look forward to is a basic construction which annexes just ing-form not infinitive.

I'm looking forward to seeing them. (You cannot say "...to see them).

We have had so wonderful evening in the restaraunt, eating tenderloin and drinking wine that I always look forward to returning there.

I would advice you to make up something, it's the best way for improving. Emotion: wink By the way, your question is rather vague. I hope I have pondered it in the right way.
Hi, kaki. Not sure exactly what you're looking for here. Can you please try to express it a little bit differently?

I can supply tickets for as many students as look forward to attending the game.

Best regards, - A.
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Fandovin and Avangi

Thanks for your answer to explain my questions.
But my questions is how many on this words will add 'ing'
And had to add Ing with an another words as look forward to (ing)
Can you tell me?
You should provide us with an example. As for me the question is still unclear. Be concrete.
Hi Kaki,

Are you looking for something like these six?

I admit to being selfish.
I confess to being selfish.
I object to being called "selfish".
I am used to being called "selfish".
I am getting used to being called "selfish".
I am getting accustomed to being called "selfish".

It's difficult (for me!) to write a complete list. As a general rule, we have "to + -ing " when a verb can be followed by to (preposition) + noun.
The -ing form of a verb (in this structure!) is called "gerund", and works as a noun. So we can have:

I look forward to your reply. (<-- to + noun)
I look forward to hearing from you. (<-- to + gerund)
He confessed to the murder. (<-- to + noun)
He confessed to being the murderer. (<-- to + gerund)

Did I misunderstand your question? (Sorry if I did!)
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Thank you,Fandion.
I'm sorry...Might be my express skill is not clear.
But I have one word
How to use this word 'used to' in writting good sentence?
Can you give me an explane?
Thank you Tanit.I was very happy
You had understood my questions.
In former a week,I was wanted to find for a long time with this wordsEmotion: smile
You're welcome. Emotion: smile

I've found a short list of verbs that can be followed by to + -ing HERE . This list might be incomplete, but it helps. Emotion: wink
  • look forward to V-ing
  • resort to V-ing
  • submit to V-ing
  • confess to V-ing
  • give in to V-ing
  • admit to V-ing
  • with regards to V-ing
  • be accustomed to V-ing
  • be addicted to V-ing
  • be opposed to V-ing
  • be limited to V-ing
  • be dedicated to V-ing
  • be commited to V-ing
  • be used to V-ing
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