this is another article problem. i'm kinda confused when to use articles after "as".

i know the basic uses of the articles but none of which that i've learned said anything about "as" and articles.

So which one's right? or are they both right? what's the difference then.

Hello, Guest,

It much depends on context.
You say "He works as A manager",
but "As the manager said, we're not allowed to smoke here"

I'm sure someone else will come with more examples.
Hi, guest.

After "as", both (eighter zero article or the) are possible:
He was elected as manager of the office.
He was elected as the manager of the office.

This is when the word following "as" is something like a position/office.

As Pieanne mentioned, as a general word "manager" can be used with an "a":
His father is a manager and his mother is a doctor.