A certain guy had to tell some people why the woman who was in his house looked that bad.

I couldn’t think how to account for your state, so I

thought as much of the truth as was possible was the best

thing. I credited you with a recklessly heroic attempt to

save the sheep. I suppose it is

just possible, in the morning

quiet, for some sound of commotion to have reached you,

at the rear of your house?’

So I understand he had to explain her state and thought that he would say as much of the truth as was possible (or maybe he wanted to say something that was very probable and not true?). So he said that the woman, standing at the rear of her house heard some commotion and went to save the sheep.

Did I understand it correctly? She was at the back of her house, or maybe at home and heard some noise coming from the back of her house? And he wanted to say the truth to the extent it was possible or he just wanted to say something that was probable, but actually he lied?
He told a minimum amount of the truth and said nothing else. She was in the house and heard a noise outside in back of it.
OK. Thank you.