A solid and strong engineering reputation is what interested me in Lehigh University. The courses available suit my desire to study Physics and Chemical Engineering. I would continue to be a hard-working determined student who enjoys the challenges and exploration of science research projects. My ultimate aim during freshman year would be to receive an invitation to join the IDEA program which would stretch and expand my scientific and mathematical knowledge to its full potential.

I have a strong belief and concern in protecting and helping the environment against climate change and for this reason Lehigh is attractive to me as it has taken sensible steps in making this an institutional priority. I was very impressed by the Lehigh University Climate Commitment and would be eager to assist with any organization connected with this incredibly important issue.

The Lehigh Asa Packer campus was impressive especially the architecture at the Lindeman library and the stunning views elsewhere .
I am also interested in Lehigh, your supplement give me a sample. I think this is a pwerful one.

I am really delighted with your response and was wondering if I could speak to you more about your post? I can be reached at (email removed, please register and add it to your profile only).


Delicia Nahman

Sustainability Coordinator

Lehigh University

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