I'm wondering if "the same as" can be also used by "as same as." If not, why can't I do so?

Ex: Tom's book in not the same as Betty's. ==> Can I say "Tom's book is not as same as Betty's?
No you can't use 'as same as'. Perhaps a grammarian can explain it better but to me it looks very odd to have a direct comparison twice - the first 'as' and then the 'same as'. This makes it different to structures such as 'as good as' or 'as big as'.
Thank you for your explaination. It makes sense to me. ^_^
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I have never heard the expression/phrase - as same as? If the arrangement of these words is correct, then what does it mean?

See below. It is not an acceptable phrase.
You can say "as small as", "as dark as", as intelligent as", etc... when you make a comparison between adjectives whose meaning can be expressed with different degrees (?). Yet, "same" already means "identical when compared with", so I guess you cannot add another expression of comparison?

(Oh well, I tried!)
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I think there is something so called interference between two languages.In my country, we used to face with this problem.Tom's book is not the same as Betty's.We can easily understandTom's book is not the same size, thickness,length, width or the content.asBetty's book.My students like to learn by heart this formula; The same[noun]+ as+[noun/ pronoun] The noun is eliminated in the first sentence, but in the second sentence, you should use an adjective of the noun in parentheses. For example: Tom'sbook is not thick,long, wide, as Betty 's book. ButTom's book is the same language as Betty's book,You should think in another way to express this meaning; Tom'sbook is identical, similar asBetty's book It may be; Tom's book is a bilingual or a French book.It's my experience about passive interference , do you think it's thesame in your country?

Phuong Ninh

This explanation is helpful. Thanks!