Can "as such" qualify a verb, an action instead of a noun? I have come across plenty of examples that "as such" refers to the object which is a noun in a sentence. Are the following grammatically correct? Thanks again!

  • I have not been persecuted as such.
  • I didn't eat as such.
healerAre the following grammatically correct?


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What about the following? If they're not grammatically correct, could you please reword them for me. Thanks! ●I have not suffered persecution as such. ●I did not eat dinner as such.

I have not suffered such persecution.

I don't know what you want to say in the second sentence.

I didn't eat such a large dinner.
I ate dinner, such as it was. (This implies that the meal was very small and unsatisfying.)

Thanks again!

I believe what you suggested has a different nuance from what I'm after. I have come across the following on the Internet. I knew it works with noun but I wanted something that works with verbs. Failing that I guess I just have to make do with what is available. Thanks again.

1. They are toys and should only be used as such. ...

2. He is against due process as such. ...

3. And as such it pretty much sets the tone of this show.

4. There is no drama as such, just finely caught atmosphere.

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healer1. They are toys and should only be used as such. ...

Paraphrase: The items are kids toys. Use them like toys. Don't use them for actual work.

healeragainst due process as such

Here is the entire context:

 "The Prime Minister knows what the issue is. He is against due process as such. He has written a most extraordinary attack on the whole concept in yesterday's Observer. The article is so incautious that he must have written it himself. 'In theory,' Tony Blair writes, 'traditional court processes and attitudes to civil liberties could work. But the modern world is different from the world for which these court processes were designed.' This view that due process is obsolete explains the Prime Minister's conduct;

Tony Blair opposes the current way that "due process" is currently conducted in the courts.

healer And as such it pretty much sets the tone of this show.

That one was behind a pay wall. I could not retrieve the context.

"As such" refers to some aspect of the plot, actors, or music in the show.

The next quote is also from an article in The Sunday Times. It is behind the pay wall.

Here are some quotes from fraze.it. I am not sure what you are looking for.

The AVN are an anti-vaccine organisation and should describe themselves as such.

Muslims refer to me as such because I do not believe in or respect their leader.

He says that the rainforests are a global utility and should be treated as such.

Xenophobes must be labelled as such and their view isolated from the mainstream.

We are quite clear that it is an important issue and we have handled it as such.

Thanks for your time.
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