"AI is also becoming prevalent in consumers everyday lives. Consumers don’t always recognize it as such, as corporate marketing experts prefer to avoid technical jargon and instead use consumer friendly names like Siri and Alexa." (Source)

What does "as such" mean here? Is that use of "as such" grammatically correct?


I have seen some native speaker use "as such" to mean "like that". I suppose "as such" in the article above is an example of that usage.

Some examples in which "as such" is used to mean "like that" :

Do not behave as such.

The thing has been done already. There is nothing more to do about it. So we have to take it as such.

Doing things as such will bring about disaster. Try to do things a better way.


The "such" in your sentence refers to "AI". Consumers don't recognize it as artificial intelligence. This term is not user-friendly enough for the consumers.


The example you ask about it good. It means "in that way." The consumers don't realize it is AI.

The other examples you cite from what you've seen and heard before do not sound at all good to me.

"...consumers' everyday lives."