"As the tree falls, So Shall it lie." Does anybody know the meaning of this proverb? I think that it might be from the bible, however, I don't know it's meaning.
Hi Anonymous,

A quick Google search reveals that "As the tree falls, so shall it lie" is actually a Chinese proverb. I guess it means "things are the way they are".

Perhaps one of our Chinese users could clarify this? Emotion: smile

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You might like to compare these "tree words" by Virgil. As the twig is bent, so the tree inclines.

ie If you bend the baby tree, the tree will grow in that direction and thus the adult tree will be bent in the same way. The way you begin as a child will be the way you are when you are an adult.

Best wishes, Clive
Nice comments, Clive.
yes, it is from the bible and I am trying to find book and verse. I found it once and have misplaced it.
It is telling us that we can accept Christ as our Savior any time during our life, and God will forgive and make us once of his children.
When we die, whatever we were at the time of death is what will decide on heaven or hell.
Once we are dead, (as the tree falls) it is to late for us to turn around(So shall it lay."
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Virgel got that line from the bilbe, Clive
Check it out.
The bible reference comes from ecclesiastes 11:3 "If the tree fall toward the South, or toward the North, in the place where the tree falleth, there it shall be."

However, I think the statement, as written, does seem to be a Chinese proverb.


Added material:

However, the proverb seems to also exist in English via the Bible text. It may originate with this translation of the theological writings of Ladislaus Boros.

As the tree falls, so shall it lie;
As a man lives, so shall he die;
As a man dies, so shall he be;
Through all the aeons of eternity.
AnonymousVirgel got that line from the bilbe, Clive
Check it out.

Can you give proof of this statement?
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You can compare a tree to a man. If a tree falls & dies it is as it was in life. If it was good then it dies good if it was corrupted with diease etc so it will be when it dies.

Therefore if a man dies corrupt thout God, there is no changing that he doesn't get up & try it again he dies corrupt. If a man dies righteously, he will be righteous in death. So when the Lord raises all men from all time to stand before the judgment seat there is no changing who & what you are. There are no do overs no reincarnation.

You need to get it right while there is still breath in your body & live a life that is true & right according to the word of God you can't wait till the last minute & try to get it right it won't work.
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