Hi. Are both correct?

1) It fell as it was walking south.

2) It fell as it walked south.

How about these? Are they correct? I moved the parts that come after the verb "fell" in both sentences to the front of the sentences.

1) As it was walking south, it fell.

2) As it walked south, it fell.
What does 'it' mean? They are very odd sentences. If you give clearer examples, you will get clearer answers.
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Hi. Thank you. Yes, I think those sentences I wrote weren't clear in content, that is what they meant. Let me introduce some sentences that seem to be clear in meaning.

He fell down as he was walking home.

He fell down as he walked home.

For the two sentences below, I moved the parts that come after the word "down" to the front of the sentences (like before in the other post written by me).

As he was walking home, he fell down.

As he walked home, he fell down.

Thank you for your anticipated help.
In this context, all 4 are OK, because the intent is clear. However, the 'as' clause (like a 'while' clause) usually requires the past progressive to make clear that its action is of a duration surrounding the relatively instantaneous action of the main clause. Therefore, in your examples, the ones with the progressive are preferable. The position of the clause is of no importance for meaning.