Dear teachers,

I have the following doubt:

"I also don´t have time" or
"I don´t have time as well" ?

Thank you in advance

I don't have time neither.
Hi! Pamela. Always use also and as well with positive sentences.
And in your example sentences I would rather say it like this- I don't have time either.
Use either with negative sentences.
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Dear Silak,

thank you very much, it is very clear! What about "neither" as suggested?

Best regards
Pamela81What about "neither" as suggested?
We already have a "not" after "do",therefore we don't need another in the form of Neither
neither=not either.
If we say "we don't have time neither" (It someway very oddly gives the meaning that I also have time)
Consider this simple conversation:

Jane: Oh, I don't have time.
Sam: Neither do I [= I don't have time as well].

Sam's response sounds more natural to me than the bracketed expression. In addition, if your first
utterance is not intended to be a casual response as in the case above, you can say it if it helps you to complete
a prior idea.

Consider this case:

I can't do my homework all by myself. I also don't have time, actually. What should I do?

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Dear all,

thank you for your replies although now I am a bit confused. I was told that "also" cannot be used in negative sentences but Regards, you made an example showing negative form and "also" " I also don´t have time" can you please clarify?

Thank you so much