In the following sentence:

My father as well as my mother likes chocolate

should the verb be singular or plural ie like or likes? Also is 'as well as' a conjunction?
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In this case, it should be singular.

Hope this helps.
'likes' refers to 'my father' and 'mother' is used here just for comparison or\and adding of information...so singular
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What about these examples?
My parents like(or likes?) chocolates.
like because 'parents' is the plural form of 'a parent'.
So, do 'my parents' act as a singular form in this sentence.

Then, what about :
My family likes chocolates

I bet I'm correct this time.
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my parents like....
'my parents' is plural, not singular.

My family likes chocolates - OK.
Then istn't we use ...s for plurals. If 'my parents' is plural, then it must be 'my parents likeS...' (Yes ofcourse, it doesn't sound good.)

Can you explain Maverick.

Excuse my intrusion, but "family" is rather followed by a plural...
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